Friday, September 21, 2007


putting one foot in front of the other, walking. its not something i do a whole lot of. i guess its not to bad. its slow and i can observe alot about the surroundings i am passing through. take todays walk. i walked home from the bike shop. were i spent half a day sitting in a chair watching mandi work on bikes. its about a 3 mile jaunt through residential neighborhoods, across the davis and elkins campus, into the woods, more neighborhoods and then into the ghetto that mandi and i call home. i saw several things that i am sure i would have missed if i had been riding. i spyed a squirrel who was very protective of his nut. a lop eared cat. my buddy mikeys car, which i had to deface slightly, just because. lots of college kids with way to much money. my friends jessy and andy driving in andy's giant truck. my neighbor, frank or ted or harvey or bud. i can never remember his name but i have had three conversations with him this week. he never speaks when i am on my bike. so walking is not to bad but wheels are way better.

i did get to ride my trainer twice this week. riding a trainer on beautiful 75 degree day is just wonderful!?! it felt good to move my legs in circles and get my heart rate up a bit. i can only ride sitting upright and i can't shift gears. single speed trainer riding the next big thing. who needs gears anyway.

peace. joey.

jonesy in a bag. karl lee observing.