Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunshine Everywhere!!

Yes there is still a little snow up on Bickles Knob

Any ideas? Looks like I'm Going to have to get out my wildflower field guide

We dug some ramps for dinner and enjoyed them with tacos! YUMMY!

Shavers Fork River

Me preparing for a long climb up to Bickles via Baker Sods trail

One of the many climbs on South Haddix trails

More of South Haddix Trail

Goofy Mandi on Shingletree Trail

which way?

Another pic of my I think Joey need to give my the camera sometimes so I can see more of him.

Garden Hoops

This week officially began our gardening season. We planted 2 pear trees, a bartlett and d'anjou,and Egyptian walking onions. Soon to follow will be onions:copra, red zepplin and candy.
Here is our hoop house awaiting seedlings that are a little too small yet. Soon the hoops will be planted with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and maybe some lettuce. Then covered with an insect cloth to hopefully keep the nasties away. We also hope to extend our growing season this fall using our hoops with some heavy duty remay or plastic.

My favorite things are sunshine, playing in the garden, riding bikes with Joey and playing with the kitties. I had all these things last week. I hope this week is just as wonderful!