Friday, January 15, 2010

Shavers-Bickles Ski...

First tracks on Bickles. No tire tracks, no footprints, no ski tracks(until we arrived). What a wonderful human powered day it was.

Peace, Joey

Monday, January 11, 2010

Marshmallow wonderland...

The ladies sharing the road!?!

Marshmallow cream everywhere! Photo courtesy of Tommi

Not so Bald Knob. Camera froze up shortly after taking this picture.

I feel so relieved.

Mandi and the John.

My mug ruining an otherwise beautiful picture.

Saturday: Mandi and I went skiing at the Lammie residents(Mandi's boss) out near Mont-rose. The ridgeline powder was amazing! Four foot deep drifts. Just wonderful!

Sunday: Mandi, John and I headed up the the ultimate XC ski destination of Canaan Valley. We headed over to Whitegrass so John could rent some equipment. What a spectacular day! The conditions there are the best they have had in 4 decades. Snow up to your butt. We had an awesome day of skiing followed by some good food and fellowship.

This winter has been awesome, I hope it continues as it is.

Let it snow, Joey.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We skied for almost 3 hours today in sub 10 degree temps. It not as bad as it sounds. Once we got moving we stayed fairly warm.

We are so pretty.

Want to join the polar bear club.
Shavers fork of the Cheat is named after a distant relative to Mandi on the Shaffer side of her family.

Diner. Mandi's chili, homemade herb bread, salad.

Stay warm, Joey