Tuesday, September 11, 2007

good news sort of!

so i just back from the doctor. no surgery, yet. sounds as though as long as i behave myself i may not need to have surgery on my left wrist or my clavical. the clavical is a bigger maybe though. my right wrist will be good to go in 4 weeks or so. i have partial use of it right now but for only limited amounts of time. the clavical 5 weeks or so. the left wrist 20 weeks!!!!!!!! i thought the dr miss spoke but i heard him right. 20 weeks. i broke it in three very hard to heal and painful places. i am going to do everything in my power to hurry along the healing process. i have been taking in lots of good wholesome foods, vitamins and minerals. now i just need to sleep. i have only had 4 hours in the last two nights. it could be lots worse and i keep reminding my self of that like every other minute . i would like to send out huge thank you and hug to all the wellwishers who have contacted me and mandi. i have got a lot of good friends. i have been moved to tears on more than one occassion over the last couple because of peoples gracious generosity. special thanks to jr petsko and all who are involed with the race for the riddles. i am just speechless. thank you all so much.

peace and love. joey.

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Tomi said...

heal quick dude! Will miss ya'll on the Fall Classique.