Saturday, September 29, 2007


mandi and i love our cats. we have 12! just kidding, 2. jones and karl. i have been wanting to post about them for a while but figured peeps may thank were a bit off the wall because of the amount of attention we give them. but after reading this,, i do not feel as looney. so this will be one of many posts that have to do with our hairy little children.

peace. joey.

jones. the first born. he likes long naps on me, lots of attention, and is addicted to the nip.

aka : jonesy boy, jonesy balonsey,asshole,grumpy.

meet karl. our most recent bundle of joy. he likes long naps (imagine that), food, chasing chestnuts on the kitchen floor, belly rubs and mandi. aka: karl lee, lee lee, karla, greasy, karl lee rupskinny, the mexican.


Aaron K. said...


you can thank me later

mandi and joey said...

icanhascheeseburger is my favorite. i look at it twice a day.