Thursday, December 31, 2009

Circus Cat...

No electric prods or tazers were used in the making of this video.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life is so unpredictable and can change in the blink of an eye. This song makes me feel very thankful for what I have.

Happy Holidays, Joey

Monday, December 21, 2009

When the surreal becomes the news

No job? No health care? Worried about your retirement? (i.e. ending up old, sick and broke)

No worries

The Department of Defense is hiring.


Because endlessly expanding war is America's new growth industry.

Here's Fox News shilling for the military, gushing about what a great employer it is:

* Confidential online mental health assessment.

* Free "stress reduction" programs for children at Fort Bliss?

* "If you love, travel this is definitely for you."

Is it just me...or is this the creepiest "news" story in the long time.

Big Snow of '09


The snowmobile was completely covered.

Skied right out the bike shop door Saturday morning and...

...down to the rail trail. Were I broke tracks for Mandi so she could SKI to work. Her boss was ecstatic as she to is also an avid skier.

Skied right from the house. That has only happened a couple time since we moved to Elkins.


Open for Business.

Big pile of snow just begging for a snow cave!

Happy Winter Solstice, Joey.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Frozen ground...

Dusting of granular snow...

Awesome conditions.

I missed my que so you have to wait for it... its worth it.

Peace, Joey.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama the Puppet: The World's Least Powerful Man

It didn't take the Israel Lobby very long to bring President Obama to heel regarding his prohibition against further illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Obama discovered that a mere American president is powerless when confronted by the Israel Lobby and that the United States simply is not allowed a Middle East policy separate from Israel's.

Obama also found out that he cannot change anything else either, if he ever intended to do so.

The military/security lobby has war and a domestic police state on its agenda, and a mere American president can't do anything about it.

President Obama can order the Guantanamo torture chamber closed and kidnapping and rendition and torture to be halted, but no one carries out the order.

Essentially, Obama is irrelevant.

President Obama can promise that he is going to bring the troops home, and the military lobby says, "No, you are going to send them to Afghanistan, and in the meantime start a war in Pakistan and maneuver Iran into a position that will provide an excuse for a war there, too. Wars are too profitable for us to let you stop them." And the mere president has to say, "Yes, Sir!"

Obama can promise health care to 50 million uninsured Americans, but he can't override the veto of the war lobby and the insurance lobby. The war lobby says its war profits are more important than health care and that the country can't afford both the "war on terror" and "socialized medicine."

The insurance lobby says health care has to be provided by private health insurance; otherwise, we can't afford it.

Read the rest here...

Switch Backing

Two Sundays ago. Mandi showing us how it is done.


Snowy Weekend...


Winter is here!

Lunch time during Sunday hike. Should have went skiing at Whitegrass.

Outside: frigid, frozen,cold, numb.

Inside: verdant, succulent, nutritious, alive.

Winter seems to be here, for now. Rain, snow, sleet, repeat. I love snow. I hate cold rain and wintery mix. Lets pray for snow. Don't forget your vitamin D supplements.

Peace, Joey

Monday, December 7, 2009

What Would Jesus Buy?

It really burns me up when people buy stuff just to buy it. This coming from a guy who owns a retail business. Remember the true reason for the season is not rampant consumerism.


The best ever Craiglist personals ad...

Let's escape from the Illuminati and start an intentional community!

Date: 2009-12-06, 8:01PM

Let's go find some land in a far off rural place, learn to grow food, save seeds, collect and distill water....
Make love, meditate, create amazing things with our powerful minds, spread the word and start a motherfucking revolution!!!

  • Location: DC
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Original URL:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Better than Dylan?

There is a lot of truth in this here song. Does not get much better, to me anyway.


Monday, November 30, 2009


It was a tad snowy starting but once we got up high and in to the sun it was marvelous. Every weekend this month has been great. Warm, sunny and dry. I really hope it continues. Fingers crossed.

Peace, Joey.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well Said...

I don't really know anything about UK politics, but I assume they have the same collection of wankers over there there we have here.

But man, I like the way these guys talk!

One thing I'll say for the UK, the Prime Ministers have to sit there and take it publicly.

Can you imagine the Imperial President of the Empire of the United States ever facing public criticism like this?

The UK may be the Nanny State, but at least it's not the Thorazine State.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend in Davis...



Saturday Mandi and I spent the entire day in Davis helping out and then racing in Blackwater Cyclo cross race. We were both very pleased with the way we raced. I am not sure were my legs have been all year but they did make a cameo appearance on Saturday for two races. I hope they come back and visit more often, not just once a year.

Sunday was so beautiful that we decided that we must head back up to Davis again. This time John tagged along. We did a nice very mellow techy ride punctuated with John ripping a nice big hole in his back tire.

Riding in November in Davis in shorts, who would of thunk it. And I for one hope that this wonderful DRY weather continues.

Peace, Joey

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What You Didn't Know About The War

What's is it about?

Federal government employed psychologists being empowered to deny an individual the right to own guns based on a diagnosis. Not behavior. No criminal activity. A diagnosis.

Question: What sector of society has just been radically sensitized to the issue of "traumatized" people bearing arms?

You guessed it. The psychologists and psychiatrists.

You can almost hear it coming:

"If only he'd been diagnosed. If only the law had been used to take away his guns, Fort Hood would never have happened."

I can easily see a situation where returning combat veterans are tested, found to be suffering from PTSD, and stripped of their right to bear arms based on that diagnosis.

For the good of the country of course. Look at what happened in Fort Hood.

If a major with a degree in psychiatry could do something like this, anyone can.

This script could not have been better written by Hollywood.

War is a Racket...

War is a racket. War makes rich men richer and poor men(boys)dead. In war the profits are calculated in dollars and loses in dead bodies.

Peace, Joey.

Beyond Treason...

Happy Veterans Day. If any one out there is thinking about joining the military watch this documentary. And then ask yourself if being a strongman for the US government is the direction you want your life to go in.

Peace (please), Joey

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

North Forker...

North Forked again and boy was it mighty beautiful up on that wonderful ridge on Sunday. A rowdy bunch we were: Mandi, John, Me and (gasp) Jason Cyr. It would have been the perfect ride if wouldn't have been for all my pesky flats. I guess 850 grams tires just are not tough enough for my 115 lb bee-hind. If you have never rode North Fork trail you shouldn't or maybe you should. It is up to you.

Peace, Joey

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CFR: Vaccines No More Harmful Than Tuna Sandwich

Kurt Nimmo
November 3, 2009

In the video here, members of a CFR symposium admit they are flummoxed by “crazy people” telling the truth about flu vaccinations on the internet. The CFR says it has to get its act together and dispense more palatable propaganda — for instance, that there is more mercury in a tuna sandwich than the flu shot.

When was the last time you injected a tuna sandwich directly into your bloodstream?

One has to wonder if the members of the CFR symposium actually believe this nonsense or if they are peddling it because they think it will sell vaccines to the sheep. The 1500 percent increase in autism since 1991 is directly related to thimerosal in vaccines, not the consumption of tuna salad.

It is not clear if the academics in the video got their shots. If they believe the vaccine is safe and we are crazy, they should grab their kids and rush down and ask for a shot from one of the multi-dose bottles of the H1N1 vaccine, which contain thimerosal.

In New York, all injectable versions of the shot will contain thimerosal.

We shouldn’t expect the CFR to tell us the truth about the danger of vaccines. For instance, the Norwegian Medicines Agency is reporting that people are suffering serious side effects from the Pandemrix vaccine. “Numbness, dizziness, loss of taste and sense of smell, nausea and watering, are some of the first reported side effects of the swine flu vaccine in this country,” Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper reports. The Norwegian Medicines Agency has received reports that 21 people have suffered serious or unusual side effects. “In addition Medicines Agency said that many patients have struggled to come forward with reports of side effects.”

In other words, the true number of people suffering from side effects remains to be seen. However, numerous cases of serious reactions to the vaccine are now appearing, although the corporate media plays these down as rare occurrences.

No matter. The CFR, the CDC, and the government expect you to play Russian roulette with your health.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Black eye Monday morning...

Slaty ride...

Corral? No, corral mushroom under glass.
John rode 30 miles in his dress shoes! That will teach him.

The pond but no beavers.

Peace, Joey

President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic, but why?

Mike Adams
October 24, 2009

According to the CDC, swine flu infections have already peaked, and the pandemic is on its way out. Peak infection time was the middle of October, where one in five U.S. children experienced the flu, says the CDC. Out of nearly 14,000 suspected flu cases tested during the week ending on October 10, 2009, 99.6% of those were influenza A, and the vast majority of those were confirmed as H1N1 swine flu infections. (

Even though the H1N1 pandemic appears to have peaked out, U.S. President Barack Obama has now declared a national emergency over swine flu infections. The reasoning behind such a declaration? According to the White House, it’s designed to "allow hospitals to better handle the surge in patients" by allowing them to bypass certain federal laws.

Emergency powers trump the Bill of Rights

That’s the public explanation for this, but the real agenda behind this declaration may be far more sinister. Declaring a national emergency immediately gives federal authorities dangerous new powers that can now be enforced at gunpoint, including:

• The power to force mandatory swine flu vaccinations on the entire population.

• The power to arrest, quarantine or "involuntarily transport" anyone who refuses a swine flu vaccination.

• The power to quarantine an entire city and halt all travel in or out of that city.

• The power to enter any home or office without a search warrant and order the destruction of any belongings or structures deemed to be a threat to public health.

• The effective nullification of the Bill of Rights. Your right to due process, to being safe from government search and seizure, and to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination are all null and void under a Presidential declaration of a national emergency.

None of this means that federal agents are going to march door to door arresting people at gunpoint if they refuse the vaccine, but they could if they wanted to. Your rights as an American are no longer recognized under this national emergency declaration.

What emergency?

The declaration of this national emergency seems suspicious from the start. Where’s the emergency? The number of people killed by swine flu in the United States is far smaller than the number of people killed each year from seasonal flu, according to CDC statistics. People obviously aren’t dropping dead by the millions from H1N1 influenza. Most people are just getting mild flu symptoms and a few days later they’re fine.

So where’s the emergency?

The only emergency I can see is the emergency fabricated by Big Pharma to sell more vaccines. By declaring a national emergency over the H1N1 pandemic, Obama is playing right into their hands.

I find the timing of all this curious. Two days ago, New York gave up on its efforts to require mandatory vaccinations of health care workers. This was designed to defuse a large number of planned protests from health freedom-conscious people who don’t want government-mandated chemicals pumped into their veins.

The planned protests in New York would have fueled yet more resistance among health care workers across the country, and had it been allowed to continue, it could have resulted in a huge nationwide backlash against swine flu vaccines. By backing off the vaccine mandate and blaming it on a vaccine shortage (…), and then having Obama declare a national emergency, our state and national leaders have halted the protests and put in place a pro-vaccine Big Brother mandate that can be enforced at gunpoint.

Big Pharma must be pleased with all this. With these emergency powers in place, all that’s necessary to force vaccinations upon the entire population is a larger supply of the vaccines — and that’s coming in November.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


If you are ever in the Elkins area and are looking for a killer road ride look no further. We call it the Sully ride you will call it tough.

Peace, Joey

Worlds Smallest Political quiz...


Take the quiz, you may be surprised by what you learn.

Monday, October 19, 2009

First snow...

... in the mountains that is. We had few stray flakes floating around here in Elkins but no accumulation. Up above 3000 ft it was a different story. Most of the pics are from Dolly Sods near Lanesville. Mandi and I went for good hike up high and then headed down low to what seemed like a different world. White, browns and grays dominated the landscape on top, interspersed with snipits of colorful leaves. Down low: greens, reds, yellows a virtual cornucopia of fall colors. It was an awesome day to be outside enjoying what we have been blessed with.