Saturday, September 29, 2007

update #2

i am still broken. definantly feeling alot better though. my right wrist was healing quickly but has sorta reached a plateau. i had to change splints on it and go with something a bit more confining. besides the other splint was so summer and now its fall, gotta be in style. just after a couple days with the new splint righty is feeling alot better. lefty is coming along. i can move my fingers and the constant throb has subsided a bit. lefty gets re x-rayed on tuesday and i get to pick out a new cast color, how exciting. c-bone is feelin happy. i have a descent range of motion very little pain and hope to ditch the sling next week. my brain is feeling alright. definantly better than the first week. my vision is no longer blurry and i have way more energy now. i have been walking everday and riding my trainer a couple times a week. i figured out a way to work my abs and i am well on my way to a brad pitt tummy. hope everyones riding and enjoying this marvoleus fall weather. thanks again to everyone who is helping me along, hope i can return the favor to each and everyone of you someday.

peace and love. joey.

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