Wednesday, September 19, 2007

still broken...

but i have good news. no surgery on the c-bone! yea!!! as long as mandi dosen't tackle me and cause it to move. my right wrist is feeling great and should be about 100% in a week or two. my left wrist is also healing very quickly and should be good to go in less than 12 weeks. 12 is way less than 20, woohoo!!! i am so ready to ride. it has been 10 days now since i last pedaled. thats the longest i have went without riding in probally 10 years. i am going to get on the trainer today and spin. i can't shift gears yet or support my weight on my arms but i can still get my legs a movin. i just want to sweat, i miss it. thanks to everyone who has sent cards, called and emailed. i can feel all the positve energy streaming my way, keep it comin!! special thanks to mandi. she is a great caretaker and has boundless energy. she is taking very good care of me. i can't wait to wash dishes again.

peace. joey.

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