Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Ride...Early

Mandi and I had our 55th annual New Years ride early this year for a couple reasons. 1) more peoples could participate if it was on a sunday. 2) the weather is going to be shitty on New Years day. 5 riders took part in the burly ride: John "chainsaw" Weber, JJ "dynomite" Ford, Mike Bo-yes, Mandi and I. 3 single speeds 1 fixy and john. 3 29" front wheels and 5 26" back wheels. 55ish miles covered in 4.5 hours. big climbs, little climbs, medium climbs, and some climbs. Afterwards Mandi and I whipped up some homemade pizza and some organic brew. A good time was had by all but a better time was had by some.

peace, JOEY.

Sad News...

Fat Tire Cycle in Elkins is no longer. Gene Wells,the owner, has decided to lock the doors and move all the inventory to Buckhannon. It came as very big suprise to me. But to be fair Gene did give me a 40 minute warning! I had no clue to what was coming down the line. I had been told that the we were going to move the shop down town after the first of the year not to Buckhannon. To all the loyale FTC customers who frequent this blog I would like to thank you for your patronage and friendship over the last seven years. This is not the end for Mandi and I in the bike business its just a new beginning.

Peace, JOEY.

ps: I would be remiss in not thanking Gene for providing me with a Dream job for the last 6 years. It was a great learning experience full of life changing challenges. So without further ado: thank you Gene. Sincerly, Joey.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow,Slush,Ice,Rain but no Sun...

We have had the whole gamete of weather here in Elkins in the past week. A foot of snow followed by rain which in turn created a slushy, icy mess. Now it won't stop raining. I am ready to shred some singe track.

Had my last Dr visit yesterday... drum roll... I AM COMPLETELY HEALED UP!!!! 8 weeks ahead of schedule. Now its time to rebuild some strength and work on flexibility and start thinking about racing next year. I am stoked. I defiantly wasn't done hurting this year when my season was abruptly ended. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and well wishes. I guarantee all the positive energy went along way in helping speed my recovery.

peace. JOEY.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

mandi's new blog

I just wanted everyone to stop over to
This is a blog about the things that consume my life when i'm not riding.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

HIstory Lesson V.1

A short version of recent American history:* Kennedy assassinated* A Texan (Johnson) becomes president and creates a massive war* Nixon, a war supporter and schizophrenic elected president twice* Carter comes in and is quickly driven out* Reagan, a senile movie actor, is elected twice (Bush Sr was the actual president for those 8 years)* Bush Sr., former CIA Director and Reagan's VP who stage managed Iran-Contra, is elected president* Bill Clinton gets two terms and paves the way for Bush Jr.* Bush Jr. starts a major war - a police action really - and is fraudulently made president twice - eviscerates the US constitution and the rights and liberties of the American people. What's going on? If you're for war, against US sovereignty and for the idea of corporate rule of the world, you're qualified to be president of the United States. Who's behind it all? You won't find out by watching TV.

peace and love. joey.