Thursday, September 6, 2007


So here is my short write up about a long race. Nothing exciting happened, just steady tempo for the whole day. My goal was to finish within a half hour of my finishing time last year. (11:02). This year racing a single speed i thought for sure i'd be slower. nope, i beat my time by exactly 10 min. (10:53) I think i raced with the perfect gear. 32x20. A little easy for some folks but great for me. I was able to ride alot of the hills without to much walking. Spin, spin , spin, coast, spin ,spin, spin. That was about the pattern. Finishing up 12th overall in the womens class and 1st womens single speeder. I also finished 30th of 60 ss men. I was very happy. Joey on the other hand was not so happy in fact pretty depressed for the whole next day. He started having a mechanical at about mile 15 and had to call it a day at mile 45 or so. His bearing in his free hub broke allowing his chain to fall off about every 3 pedal strokes. He had some fun hanging out at cp3 repairing lots of bikes. Next year he will be back with a mission. Maybe he can use some of the energy from the sm100 for the final WVMBA race this weekend. Good luck Joey!

here are some pics from the week and weekend.

Cheat Mountain

I love Vicious Cycles!

Nick Waite helping at SM100

Joey's great camera skills

"Pauly"all packed up!

IF you don't know who Ron Paul is, DO YOUR RESERCH!

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gwadzilla said...

good job out there!

I can not imagine doing that race on a single speed


I can not imagine going from check point four to check point five on a single speed