Monday, September 10, 2007

I love Joey :)

I want to update everyone who I haven't already talked to about Joey. He is now at home recovering. We spent most of the day at Cabell Huntington Hospital waiting to hear the news. Our friend John Weber saved us thousands with a trip to the ER. Thanks John! You are wonderful. :)

Joey had some x-rays and they found.....

2 broken wrists

1 broken collarbone

1 separated shoulder


and LOTS of Road/dirt rash.

He is pretty much helpless, with no use of his hands/arms. I can now say i've brushed someones teeth and fed them dinner. We are just hanging out enjoying each others company. May head up to the cheat mountain 100 after work on saturday to just hang out. We'll see. We are off the the doc tomorrow to get some casts and lets hope he doesn't need surgury!

Thanks to everyone for the calls, emails, and encouraging words. Please send some positive energy Joeys way!! And if anyone want to contribute money to help pay joeys medical bills please contact us for an address. We are struggling with one income and no medical insurance. here is a few pics of the patient......


camps said...

What happened?
Man, Joey's had a run of bad luck.
Hope he's healed up for the fall epics. He does not look too happy, nor would I. Take good care of him

Great job at the SM-100 Mandi!

Jason Frame said...

Finally, I think I can hang with you now. That looks like it hurts. Hope you have a quick recovery.

tim w said...

just wanted to stop by and say i hope your doc. appointment went well today and you dont need surgary. and if you need anything just let me know... ill let Mandi keep brushing your teeth tho.