Monday, March 23, 2009


Long day
Heavy packs
Bush wacking
New trails
There secret


psssttt: if you want to ride them let me know.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Domestic terriorist...

I am a domestic terrorist! At least according to this MIAC document I am.

I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker.
I think the Federal Reserve should be abolished.
I believe the IRS is illegal.
I am Prolife and antiwar.
I am gun owner and believe the 2nd amendment was created not for "sporting purposes" but for the people to protect themselves from tyrannical goverments.
I have questions about what really happened on 9/11 and do not put it past my goverment to inflict another false flag terrorist attack on the American public to draw us in to supporting another war of aggression.

The Missouri State Police my as well come and arrest me and ship me off to Guantanamo were I can be held indefinantly without being charged with anything.

So who else out there is a domestic terrorist?

The MIAC document is not the first one I have seen trying to criminalize patriotic constitution loving people like me. And I am sure it wont be the last. Lets just hope there are enough peace officers out there that still take there Constitutional Oath seriously.

Peace, JOEY

ps: Explantion of the upside down flag.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ode to the Potato

by Barbara Hamby

"They eat a lot of French fries here," my mother
announces after a week in Paris, and she's right,
not only about les pommes frites but the celestial tuber
in all its forms: rotie, purée, not to mention
au gratin or boiled and oiled in la salade niçoise.
Batata edulis discovered by gold-mad conquistadors
in the West Indies, and only a 100 years later
in The Merry Wives of Windsor Falstaff cries,
"Let the skie raine Potatoes," for what would we be
without you—lost in a sea of fried turnips,
mashed beets, roasted parsnips? Mi corazón, mon coeur,
my core is not the heart but the stomach, tuber
of the body, its hollow stem the throat and esophagus,
leafing out to the nose and eyes and mouth. Hail
the conquering spud, all its names marvelous: Solanum
tuberosum, Igname, Caribe, Russian Banana, Yukon Gold.
When you turned black, Ireland mourned. O Mr. Potato Head,
how many deals can a man make before he stops being
small potatoes? How many men can a woman drop
like a hot potato? Eat it cooked or raw like an apple
with salt of the earth, apple of the earth, pomme de terre.
Tuber, tuber burning bright in a kingdom without light,
deep within the earth where the Incan potato gods rule,
forging their golden orbs for the world's ravening gorge.

Happy St. Pattys Day, JOEY.

War is a Racket

Smedly Butler knew it then and I know it now. War is nothing but a racket. The soldiers might as well have sponsor logos sewn into there uniforms. Exxon patch on one shoulder, G.E, patch on the other shoulder, Shell oil, Haliburton, NBC, CBS, ABC down the front.

You should read Smedly's book, it can be had for a little bit of nothing at your local book store or on amazon. I have it if anyone wants to borrow it.

To Hell with War, JOEY

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Obama Deception...


Its no longer a joke folks. Its a choice we all must make: free humanity or a life of servitude.

Stop living in the cold darkness of ignorance and step out into the warm light of knowledge and understanding. It feels great.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


The warm weather recently was a very welcome change. Mandi and I made the most of the warm temps. We rode a ton but more importantly got a jump start on the garden.

We have some spinach and lettuce started in our cold frame. The spinach was in the box all winter relaxing. We started the lettuce indoors a few weeks ago to let it mature enough for it to with stand the cold temperatures outdoors. We got us a nice plastic barrel to make a rain barrel out of. Checked that one off the list yesterday. Also have been busy double digging a new garden in the front yard soon to be followed a new garden in the side yard. As soon as I find some more free lumber I will be making several more raised beds in the back yard. Now all we need is some more manure and compost to add some nutrients to our dirt and will be ready to grow some mondo big vegetable.

Mandi and I are both spending and are going to spend a lot of time in the garden this year. Learning and putting into practice a valuable skill set that I believe will become even more valuable in the up coming hard times.

Peace, JOEY

Monday, March 9, 2009

NY Times: Mileage Tax Would ‘Track Where Motorists Have Been

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, March 9, 2009

NY Times: Mileage Tax Would Track Where Motorists Have Been 090309top

A New York Times article about the different test studies being conducted as a precursor to the introduction of a CO2 or mileage tax admits that cars will contain tracking devices that will record where motorists have been.

Obama’s transportation secretary Ray LaHood recently caused controversy when he let slip that the administration was considering a “vehicles miles traveled” tax to replace the federal fuel tax. Press secretary Robert Gibbs hastily moved to offset concerns by claiming that such a tax “is not and will not be the policy of the Obama administration.”

However, as the New York Times reported in its Sunday edition, a number of different large scale beta-testing programs are currently underway to trial that exact scheme.

The largest is the $16.5 million federal Road User Study, under which thousands of volunteers in Austin, Tex.; Baltimore; Boise, Idaho; Raleigh and Durham, N.C.; San Diego; and the Quad Cities region of Iowa are driving cars equipped with tracking devices that catalogue their every movement.

For such a program to achieve its objective of taxing people by the mile, one would think that the only information the tracking device would need to measure is how many miles the vehicle has traveled. However, the true purpose of the technology is revealed when we learn that the system will also “record where motorists have been”.

Jon Kuhl, principal investigator for the Road User Study, concedes that “invasion of privacy” will be an issue, but the article does not mention how this will be overcome.

“You’d have to have a record where the car is at all times, and that certainly would frighten America,” said Mike Moffatt, an economist at the Ivy School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Efforts to sell the mileage tax proposal as a replacement for gas tax are likely to increase as the proposal nears introduction, but as is the case in North Carolina, where legislators are considering introducing a fee of one-quarter of a cent per mile, the charge will be in addition to tax per gallon of gas, not as a replacement for it.

The Times article notes that Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon are also piloting similar schemes.

An increase on the roads of fuel-efficient vehicles and cars run on electricity is causing panic amongst tax-hungry authorities, who are seeking new ways to snag people who are managing to pay far less gas tax.

Indeed, the Times article quotes Susan Martinovich, director of the Nevada Department of Transportation, who expressed her desire to pursue such individuals.

“Those people are not paying as much, and yet they’re still on the road and still causing congestion and impacting pavement. How do I get at those people?” she stated.

“How do I get at those people?” That phrase perfectly underscores the nature of this entire program - a fresh government assault on the personal privacy and the wallet of the beleaguered American taxpayer that will achieve nothing aside driving more people into near-poverty while ensuring their every move is tracked and catalogued by big brother.

The Times article concludes as all the best PR pieces for an expansion of government taxation and surveillance would be expected to, by proclaiming that the mileage tax is “inevitable” and that it will begin by all automakers installing the tracking devices in new cars as standard.

Change We Can Believe In: How About the End of Farmers Markets? Say Hello to H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

March 9th, 2009

What this will do is force anyone who produces food of any kind, and then transports it to a different location for sale, to register with a new federal agency called the “Food Safety Administration.” Even growers who only sell only fruit and/or vegetables at farmers markets would not only have to register, but they would be subject inspections by federal agents of their property and all records related to food production. The frequency of these inspections will be determined by the whim of the Food Safety Administration. Mandatory “safety” records would have to be kept. Anyone who fails to register and comply with all of this nonsense could be facing a fine of up to $1,000,000 per violation.

I’ve bought food at several farmers markets for years and I have yet to meet any vendors who are fond of the government. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most vendors at farmers markets won’t go along with this. The problem will be that the people who run the farmers markets will be forced to make sure that vendors are “registered” with the government.

Is this Change we can believe in? Maybe it is for Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture, Tom “I Fly with Monsanto” Vilsack.

For the rest of us, this is a nightmare.

Read more here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009