Saturday, September 15, 2007

still bored...

so being injured really sucks. i can not stand just sitting around. i am about ready to loose my mind. did you know that there no more saturday morning cartoons. what the hell, just a bunch of goofy ass info-mercials. what do kids watch these days, reallity tv. do not even get me started on reallity tv. i haven't watched more than a couple hours of tv in several months and now i remember why, its worthless. amc is the only thing keeping me from putting my foot through the screen. they (amc) show a halfway decsent classic movie every once in a while. i signed up for netflix yesterday so should be recieving a movie in the mail today. i do not no much about the current selection of flicks available these days i ended up choosing several movies that i have already had the pleasure of viewing and deemed them to be rewatchable. the cheat mt 100 is going on as i write this. i wish i was there. mandi wishes she was there also but decided work was more important right now. the fellas and gals taking part in the cheat mt 100 are in for a treat. cheat mt has some of best riding in wv, if like super tech trails with lots of vertical drop, i do. i hope everyone taking part is having a good time and shredding some nar.

peace. joey.

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mandi and joey said...

hey cuttie, stay positive. positive thoughts bring positive results. focus on what you want to happen not what has happened. love you!