Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a little set back from a good thing...

Last Saturday was JOEYs first ride in 7 weeks. We rode the rail trail for 1 hr 20 min. I fixed up JOEYs single speed with the perfect rail trail gear. He said it felt great to be out, but the rail trail is still as boring as he remembers.

On Friday the day before his ride, JOEY fell in the yard. He tried to catch himself and then remembered at the last second he had 2 broken wrists, he pulled his hands back just in time to hit his forehead on the ground. I'm sure it was a funny site, but it didn't feel so great.

Saturday on the ride he had no pain but when he woke up on Sunday his hand was swollen so bad it looked like his fingernails were going to pop off. That sure put a stop to riding.
Yesterday rode the rail trail again and no pain. :) but still swollen :( we were pretty concerned so we got up early this morning and went back to the doctor. more x-rays. and then good news. nothing changed. just irritated.

so we are goiong to ride again today. more to come.
for updates on Winston our new buddy, just click on the link for jones and karl on the right.

Monday, October 29, 2007


look what i found.

Friday, October 26, 2007


i wanna go next year. looks like a super good time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i had an appointment with dr. tice yesterday. nothing but good news!!! i am now officially cast less. i have been pretty down the last few days and this good news is exactly what i needed. i have a removable splint that i will have to were for a few more months. i get to take it off once a day and move my wrist around. it is feels very pain full and awkward to move it but it also feels very liberating. i also get to ride my bike!!!!! but only on the rail trail. which is all i believe i can do anyway. my collarbone is still healing and will be for the next few weeks. my shoulder hurts but nothing abnormal. now i just need to work on getting stronger. i am going to do some one armed 25lb dumbbell curls today!
peace and love. joey.

Monday, October 22, 2007

take action...

we as west virginians do not want these power line. info here:

they will destroy thousands of acres of private and public land. these power lines have also been linked to the manifestation of leukemia and cancer.


the hike of 5 snakes...

yep 5 snakes. i told mandi before the hike that we would probally see a couple snakes. it was warm and they were all out sunning. mandi definantly had to face her fear of snakes yesterday and she did a wonderful job. we were hiking on the mc gowan mountain trail and the moore run trail in the otter creek wilderness. moore run has some very impressive bogs and beaver ponds. they are definantly worth taking a look at if you do not mind getting wet. mc gowan mt trail is spectacular. rocky, rooty, super dry, would be a wonderful trail to ride on if it was allowed. hiking is not to bad but i wish i was riding and racin cross.
peace. joey.
browny the brown brown snake.

mandi's friend rhody. she really needs a parrot.

busy beaver dam.
a beautiful bog on moore run trail.

timbukto mountain. pic from mandi's ride on saturday. lucky cows.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Weepies - World Spins Madly On

the weepies.

New shoes...

mandi and i finally got some new shoes. thanks to sierra trading post 1/2 off, woohoo. i have been running and walking in some several year old kids size new balances. kids size because i only were a 6.5 shoe. new shoes make a huge difference. my feet are much happier now. mandi and i went out to otter creek wednesday to break in our new sneakers. we may have over did it a bit. its so hard to turn back when there are so many trails to explore. we were almost the end of our hike/run when i inadvertently stepped on a little brown snake. it jumped, i jumped, mandi pooped. i thought i gravely injured the poor fella. he was bleeding from his nose and writhing in pain. mandi was highly upset and bawling. i thought i should try and pick the little guy up and see if i could get a closer look at his injuries. as soon as i touched his slender tail he took off slithering up the trail towards mandi. she freaked and took of running up the trail screaming and shooting snot bubbles out her nose. she has an irrational fear of snakes. i did not realize how irrational until that moment. browny slithered a couple feet off the trail and then took a defensive position. he was just fine. after several minutes i finally coaxed mandi into running by the snake. it was a fitting end to an adventurous day.

hey they found that guy that was lost in dolly sods, just in time. its raining and chilly today.

peace out. joey.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Think for yourself...

How do you think this happened.
Watch just a few minutes... or the whole thing. Make up your own mind. The official story just does not match up.
911 ripple effect.

Invasion of the Police State (USA)

we are living in an increasingly facist and tyrannical country. if you do not believe it open your eyes. pay attention, be observant, even in your local communites. knowledge is power. educate yourselves about what is going on in this country(world). the internet is a powerful educational tool. use it why you still have the right. peace and love. joey.

Ron Paul: A New Hope

a real canidate not a corporate schill like all the others. its not about democrat or republican anymore its about right and wrong, good and evil. ron paul deserves a look no matter what devisive political group you are affilated with. please watch. joey.

Monday, October 15, 2007

do you know who Codex is?

please watch this 40 min video. Do you care about your food, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients?


please care. please pay attention.

Ron Paul : Don't tread on me

please watch this and pay attention. thank you. joey.

for sale

xs. 43 cm seattube. 51.3 toptube. u6 frame, carbon stay. carbon fork. longreach brakes. will fit fat road tires and fenders. great wv road bike. this was going to be mandi's road bike but it is not going to happen now. includes headset. never built.

this week in pics...

holy tree.
fern shadow.

white catapilar looking for a warm hiding place.

purple puppy, pp.

more wheatgrass.

karl checking out the wheatgrass.

breakfast. raw food pudding.

karl using mandi.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

update #4...

i am getting along pretty well. righty is without the splint and is happy and free. he is a little weak though and my thumb dosen't want to work real well. i took the sling off of lefty and my c-bone is feeling pretty good. my shoulder is stiff and sometimes quite painful. lefty is feeling better now that i can move my arm around but is a long way from being healed. i have been getting out and running and walking a good bit and i have the blisters to prove it. i have rode my trainer a few times and it really sucked.

mandi and i really miss all our mtb friends. the end of race season is always a sad affair. i feel like every sunday is like a little family reunion. i have made my strongest friendship bonds with my bike racing pals. anytime anyone wants head up to elkins and hang out and ride you are more than welcome. mandi is a bit timid about riding in the woods by herself and would love to have someone to ride with why i heal up. if there are any group mtb rides going on let mandi know she would love to participate.

it definantly feels like fall today, cool wet and windy. i love it.

peace. joey.

view from atop olsens tower. picture courtsey of mandi because i am to big of a chicken shit to climb to the top.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

my garage...

recycle that needs recycled.
29" snowbike rim, we all need one.

when 24 hour racing was cool.
the ever present muck boots. the reception is horrible.
the bench, all nice and organized.
mandi's geary minus a few key parts.
mandi's ss, should be hanging on the wall.

mandi's towny bike should also be hanging on the wall.

my fixey.

my ss, been hanging there for over a month now.

my geary. find the missing pieces.

mandi's cross bike which should also be hanging on the wall.

from the outside looking in, beautiful.

peace. joey.

How Erik Prince founded BLACKWATER (lots of great info!!)

stay informed...

Monday, October 8, 2007


all hail the buger king.
mass confusion start

"dude take the water bottle its soooo sweet"

finish hard!

jr giving prerace instructions as if anyone is listening.
photos courtesy of diane clothier.


thanks to everyone for making the race for the riddles a smashing sucsess. all the racing went of with out a hitch thanks to jr's masterfull planing. no one got hurt and everyone had a good time. now mandi and i have enough money to go on that cruise we have always wanted!!! just kidding. the money will be put to very good use, paying lots of bills. steve hill ruled the day, once again, finishing a few minutes clear of second place benji klimas (ss). gunnar shogren (ss) roled in third place despite being old. my good bud mike loranty scored a very impresive 4th place overall finish, after waking up at 3:30 in the morn to cruise down from beefalo. lb gets an honorable mention after taking a nice digger right in front of me. don't worry the pbr in his back pocket was unharmed. the womens race was handly won by susan musante from down in good ole va. betsy and mandi decided to ride the course together and jabber all day just for fun. the biggest winner of the day was tyson price. he had the lucky golden ticket for the sweet vicious cycles so generously donated by carl. tyson was one stoked dude!!

once again thanks to all the sponsors who contributed cool stuff: Cannondale, Vicious Cycles, Big Bear Lake Campland, Blackwater Bikes, Fat Tire Cycle, Velocity Cycles, Athens Bicycle, Dirt Bean Cafe and Bike Shop, Granny Gear Productions, Adventure Pursuit Triathlon, Ace Adventure Center (ACE), East West Printing, Lambert's Winery, Gillum House Bed & Breakfast, WVU cycling and Sue Haywood.

super special thanks jr petsko for organizing event. check out jr's work here:

peace and love. joey.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

cats like bags...

and i like apples, wv apples.

new hardware...

black is the new black.