Wednesday, September 26, 2007

otters everywhere...

not really. mandi and i went hiking in otter creek today, but we saw no otters. i did get to see lots of trees, rocks, roots and water. it felt really good to be out in the woods. there is always lots of good positive energy to be had amoungst the trees. we didn't hike very long just enough to let off some stress and breath some clean air. i really miss my bikes. i usually ride seven days a week. i work on bikes for a living everyday. if not working or riding i am reading or dreaming about my two wheeled fascination. i can not wait to have some grease under my finger nails and feel the wind on my face. but wait i must. patients is a virtue i do not have but i am slowly developing.

peace and love. joey.
me and my hardware.

dream home. cabin in the middle. garage on the left.

flagpole with leaf on the right.

another angle. really, we are moving in next week.
do you like it? i designed it and built it all in about 5 minutes!!

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Aaron K. said...

Chateau Riddle is a .00001 sq. acre rustic abode situated atop endless fragrant evergreen stands. This 3 bedroom, 1/2 Bath cottage features walls and a ceiling. Adjacent to a pile of beaver scat, this home won't let you or your special ladyfriend down! Get your game on for the reduced price of $0.00!

I typed real estate listings all week for the paper's MLS guide...laf.