Wednesday, September 12, 2007


joey riddle

101 johnson ave

elkins wv 26241


call anytime.

by the way my bike is perfectly fine except my bell got ripped off. i have a nice bell shaped bruse on my chest. damn i am bored and its only the third day.

peace. joey


gwadzilla said...

arnica flora
lots of sleep

doug said...

Joey & Mandi. You should see something in the mail from me next week.

Oh, how is the promoter of the Oct 7th benefit race handling the Vicious raffle? Is there something online where people can buy tickets so they don't have to be at the race in person? Just thinking of alternative ways to get people not racing that day to support...

dougyfresh at vt dot edu

doug said...

Nevermind. I found out more info on iplayoutside. Already added a link from my blog.

Get some rest and get well Joey!

Anonymous said...

Rest up bro,Its the off season anyway plenty of time for a comeback!!!Hope to see you at the races soon.Todd Helmick