Sunday, September 30, 2007


bikes are cool. riding bikes is cooler.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Gratitude Dance

i dare you to do the dance! makes ya smile huh.

update #2

i am still broken. definantly feeling alot better though. my right wrist was healing quickly but has sorta reached a plateau. i had to change splints on it and go with something a bit more confining. besides the other splint was so summer and now its fall, gotta be in style. just after a couple days with the new splint righty is feeling alot better. lefty is coming along. i can move my fingers and the constant throb has subsided a bit. lefty gets re x-rayed on tuesday and i get to pick out a new cast color, how exciting. c-bone is feelin happy. i have a descent range of motion very little pain and hope to ditch the sling next week. my brain is feeling alright. definantly better than the first week. my vision is no longer blurry and i have way more energy now. i have been walking everday and riding my trainer a couple times a week. i figured out a way to work my abs and i am well on my way to a brad pitt tummy. hope everyones riding and enjoying this marvoleus fall weather. thanks again to everyone who is helping me along, hope i can return the favor to each and everyone of you someday.

peace and love. joey.


mandi and i love our cats. we have 12! just kidding, 2. jones and karl. i have been wanting to post about them for a while but figured peeps may thank were a bit off the wall because of the amount of attention we give them. but after reading this,, i do not feel as looney. so this will be one of many posts that have to do with our hairy little children.

peace. joey.

jones. the first born. he likes long naps on me, lots of attention, and is addicted to the nip.

aka : jonesy boy, jonesy balonsey,asshole,grumpy.

meet karl. our most recent bundle of joy. he likes long naps (imagine that), food, chasing chestnuts on the kitchen floor, belly rubs and mandi. aka: karl lee, lee lee, karla, greasy, karl lee rupskinny, the mexican.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


we can always use a little (lot) more love and compasion in this world. this video is for all of you.

race for the riddles

new items up for raffle. come support if you can and walk away with some cool swag. special thanks to jr petsko for organizing this event. http://

special thanks to all the sponsors contributing cool stuff : Cannondale, Vicious Cycles, Big Bear Lake Campland, Blackwater Bikes, Fat Tire Cycle, Velocity Cycles, Athens Bicycle, Dirt Bean Cafe and Bike Shop, Granny Gear Productions, Adventure Pursuit Triathlon, Ace Adventure Center (ACE), East West Printing, Lambert's Winery, Gillum House Bed & Breakfast, WVU cycling and Sue Haywood.

Raffle: Thanks to Cannondale, Vicious Cycles, Sue Haywood, Gillum House Bed & Breakfast, and Granny Gear Productions we will be offering a raffle for the following prizes:
1) Cannondale Single Speed 29er Frame 2) Vicious Cycles Hardtail Frame (Single Speed or Geared) 3) A team entry into the 2008 24 Hours of Big Bear 4) Trek Team Jeresy Autographed by Sue Haywood 5) Bike N Winery Package from Gillum House Bed & Breakfast retail value $295 -- Both of the bike frames will come from the factory in whatever size the winner desires. -- Tickets are on sale now for $5.00 for one ticket or $20.00 for five tickets. Contact J.R. Petsko at for your tickets or purchase them at the race

wow we have alot of friends who care about us. thanks again to each and everyone contributing to this event.

love to everyone. joey and mandi.

otters everywhere...

not really. mandi and i went hiking in otter creek today, but we saw no otters. i did get to see lots of trees, rocks, roots and water. it felt really good to be out in the woods. there is always lots of good positive energy to be had amoungst the trees. we didn't hike very long just enough to let off some stress and breath some clean air. i really miss my bikes. i usually ride seven days a week. i work on bikes for a living everyday. if not working or riding i am reading or dreaming about my two wheeled fascination. i can not wait to have some grease under my finger nails and feel the wind on my face. but wait i must. patients is a virtue i do not have but i am slowly developing.

peace and love. joey.
me and my hardware.

dream home. cabin in the middle. garage on the left.

flagpole with leaf on the right.

another angle. really, we are moving in next week.
do you like it? i designed it and built it all in about 5 minutes!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007



putting one foot in front of the other, walking. its not something i do a whole lot of. i guess its not to bad. its slow and i can observe alot about the surroundings i am passing through. take todays walk. i walked home from the bike shop. were i spent half a day sitting in a chair watching mandi work on bikes. its about a 3 mile jaunt through residential neighborhoods, across the davis and elkins campus, into the woods, more neighborhoods and then into the ghetto that mandi and i call home. i saw several things that i am sure i would have missed if i had been riding. i spyed a squirrel who was very protective of his nut. a lop eared cat. my buddy mikeys car, which i had to deface slightly, just because. lots of college kids with way to much money. my friends jessy and andy driving in andy's giant truck. my neighbor, frank or ted or harvey or bud. i can never remember his name but i have had three conversations with him this week. he never speaks when i am on my bike. so walking is not to bad but wheels are way better.

i did get to ride my trainer twice this week. riding a trainer on beautiful 75 degree day is just wonderful!?! it felt good to move my legs in circles and get my heart rate up a bit. i can only ride sitting upright and i can't shift gears. single speed trainer riding the next big thing. who needs gears anyway.

peace. joey.

jonesy in a bag. karl lee observing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

still broken...

but i have good news. no surgery on the c-bone! yea!!! as long as mandi dosen't tackle me and cause it to move. my right wrist is feeling great and should be about 100% in a week or two. my left wrist is also healing very quickly and should be good to go in less than 12 weeks. 12 is way less than 20, woohoo!!! i am so ready to ride. it has been 10 days now since i last pedaled. thats the longest i have went without riding in probally 10 years. i am going to get on the trainer today and spin. i can't shift gears yet or support my weight on my arms but i can still get my legs a movin. i just want to sweat, i miss it. thanks to everyone who has sent cards, called and emailed. i can feel all the positve energy streaming my way, keep it comin!! special thanks to mandi. she is a great caretaker and has boundless energy. she is taking very good care of me. i can't wait to wash dishes again.

peace. joey.

Monday, September 17, 2007

bill hicks - evolution

It Seemed So Plausible

bill hicks the bestest comedian you have never heard of.

all better...

not really, but i have definantly improved over the last 8 days. most of the swelling and soreness has disipated and i am feeling alot more limber now. gotta go back to the doc tommorrow for more c-bone x-rays. please no surgery. big congrats to morgan miller for winning the cheat mt 100. way to go morgan. benji finished second and i believe lb was third. the high temp on top of cheat saturday was 47 degrees, brrrr. the weather this week coming looks to be spectacular. everybody better be out enjoying it. i am going to get my walking legs in order this week and take to the rail trail.

peace. joey.

may joe bless you!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

still bored...

so being injured really sucks. i can not stand just sitting around. i am about ready to loose my mind. did you know that there no more saturday morning cartoons. what the hell, just a bunch of goofy ass info-mercials. what do kids watch these days, reallity tv. do not even get me started on reallity tv. i haven't watched more than a couple hours of tv in several months and now i remember why, its worthless. amc is the only thing keeping me from putting my foot through the screen. they (amc) show a halfway decsent classic movie every once in a while. i signed up for netflix yesterday so should be recieving a movie in the mail today. i do not no much about the current selection of flicks available these days i ended up choosing several movies that i have already had the pleasure of viewing and deemed them to be rewatchable. the cheat mt 100 is going on as i write this. i wish i was there. mandi wishes she was there also but decided work was more important right now. the fellas and gals taking part in the cheat mt 100 are in for a treat. cheat mt has some of best riding in wv, if like super tech trails with lots of vertical drop, i do. i hope everyone taking part is having a good time and shredding some nar.

peace. joey.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


joey riddle

101 johnson ave

elkins wv 26241


call anytime.

by the way my bike is perfectly fine except my bell got ripped off. i have a nice bell shaped bruse on my chest. damn i am bored and its only the third day.

peace. joey

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

good news sort of!

so i just back from the doctor. no surgery, yet. sounds as though as long as i behave myself i may not need to have surgery on my left wrist or my clavical. the clavical is a bigger maybe though. my right wrist will be good to go in 4 weeks or so. i have partial use of it right now but for only limited amounts of time. the clavical 5 weeks or so. the left wrist 20 weeks!!!!!!!! i thought the dr miss spoke but i heard him right. 20 weeks. i broke it in three very hard to heal and painful places. i am going to do everything in my power to hurry along the healing process. i have been taking in lots of good wholesome foods, vitamins and minerals. now i just need to sleep. i have only had 4 hours in the last two nights. it could be lots worse and i keep reminding my self of that like every other minute . i would like to send out huge thank you and hug to all the wellwishers who have contacted me and mandi. i have got a lot of good friends. i have been moved to tears on more than one occassion over the last couple because of peoples gracious generosity. special thanks to jr petsko and all who are involed with the race for the riddles. i am just speechless. thank you all so much.

peace and love. joey.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I love Joey :)

I want to update everyone who I haven't already talked to about Joey. He is now at home recovering. We spent most of the day at Cabell Huntington Hospital waiting to hear the news. Our friend John Weber saved us thousands with a trip to the ER. Thanks John! You are wonderful. :)

Joey had some x-rays and they found.....

2 broken wrists

1 broken collarbone

1 separated shoulder


and LOTS of Road/dirt rash.

He is pretty much helpless, with no use of his hands/arms. I can now say i've brushed someones teeth and fed them dinner. We are just hanging out enjoying each others company. May head up to the cheat mountain 100 after work on saturday to just hang out. We'll see. We are off the the doc tomorrow to get some casts and lets hope he doesn't need surgury!

Thanks to everyone for the calls, emails, and encouraging words. Please send some positive energy Joeys way!! And if anyone want to contribute money to help pay joeys medical bills please contact us for an address. We are struggling with one income and no medical insurance. here is a few pics of the patient......

Thursday, September 6, 2007


So here is my short write up about a long race. Nothing exciting happened, just steady tempo for the whole day. My goal was to finish within a half hour of my finishing time last year. (11:02). This year racing a single speed i thought for sure i'd be slower. nope, i beat my time by exactly 10 min. (10:53) I think i raced with the perfect gear. 32x20. A little easy for some folks but great for me. I was able to ride alot of the hills without to much walking. Spin, spin , spin, coast, spin ,spin, spin. That was about the pattern. Finishing up 12th overall in the womens class and 1st womens single speeder. I also finished 30th of 60 ss men. I was very happy. Joey on the other hand was not so happy in fact pretty depressed for the whole next day. He started having a mechanical at about mile 15 and had to call it a day at mile 45 or so. His bearing in his free hub broke allowing his chain to fall off about every 3 pedal strokes. He had some fun hanging out at cp3 repairing lots of bikes. Next year he will be back with a mission. Maybe he can use some of the energy from the sm100 for the final WVMBA race this weekend. Good luck Joey!

here are some pics from the week and weekend.

Cheat Mountain

I love Vicious Cycles!

Nick Waite helping at SM100

Joey's great camera skills

"Pauly"all packed up!

IF you don't know who Ron Paul is, DO YOUR RESERCH!