Monday, October 20, 2008

Wolpertinger Bakery LLC

On Saturday Joey and I headed over the hill to our friends Joel and Katie's place. Joel is currently the head of the Randolph county farmers market and a wonderful bread maker. This summer he built a wood fired outdoor oven and fired it up Saturday for a pizza party. About 30 or so local folks showed up with their favorite pizza toppings. Joel and Katie spent some time before hand cranking on the grain mill because we must have baked around 30 pizzas. If you ever want some good bread give them a call. 304-823-2960. They will be doing a Fall 2008 Breadshare starting on November 5th so contact them asap. They will be delivering to Elkins, Belington and Davis. They will be making organic bagels and sourdough bread in their wood fired oven. Best Bread around. Well worth the price. Oh yeah if you don't want some bread every week check out their Christmas Stollen Bread. Last year Joey and I bought some to save for the holidays but it only lasted 24 HOURS. Nothing like a dessert bread for breakfast. Deliciously and hardy!
What a great time. It's nice to have some like minded young folks in the area. Meet them at the Farmers Market in Elkins for some veggies and bread.



Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I love your fresh and truthful blog! Love how you go so much deeper into issues than a parrot off a college campus. Flex those cranial muscles! I have made some huge lifestyle changes in the last few years. The additive-free Bullseye way of eating, no regular T.V. viewing, slowing down, walking and riding up to 10 miles anywhere we need to go, thrift-store shopping, learning from our elders, and homeschooling our two children without the pressures of comparison to others. Yeah, we are very different and a bit strange, but that's so awesome! On a separate note, have you given any thought on starting a home and small farm sitting business? I was swamped with work when I did it a few years back. Take care~J.H.

WVmtnrunr said...

Very cool blog. You guys rock! I'm glad you directed me to it and I got to check it out. The Elkins underground endurance movement is alive and well.

-- Adam