Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phil's a champ!

It was hard to get motivated for riding today considering the temp is only 32* and very windy. By the weekend, temps should be back in the sixties. So why ride today in the winter wonderland when I can wait a few days and ride in shorts again. Joey and I decided to go hiking in the Otter Creek Wilderness area just outside of town.

At the house we had about 1" of snow and in Otter Creek Trail Parking lot there was 5-6" of snow. After having all wheel drive for so long we were a little worried when the farther we drove the deeper the snow got. Phil (our car) did great, just no sudden acceleration and stay in the tracks the best we could with our little 13's.

The snow was much deeper as we hiked farther out. Where we turned to come back the snow was half way up my shin. I measured when I got home, 10-11" and maybe even 12".

I can't wait for the weekend 64*, should be a sloppy, warm mess.



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