Friday, October 3, 2008

**FLASH** The REAL REASON For The Bailout (Hint: FOREIGNERS)

A little deep for some a real education for others. The real reason for the Banker Bailout Bill. Educate yourself folks. Do not re-elect any of the scum bag crooks who voted for this bill. This bill essentially make Henry Paulson king of America.

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Bryant Arms said...

The financiers are snookering us again. We, the taxpayers, will never see that money once Congress caves in to special interests, (as usual). If we try to get it back by taxing these businesses, then they will take the good parts of their portfolios and flee to other countries. Suckers!

If we use that money to enhance social security, then all of the retirees that lost their retirement funds in the stock market will at least be guaranteed a reasonably comfortable retirement. (The only ones who will still be unhappy are the ones trying to retire to their mansions.)

Finally! Congress has found the money to make social security work.

Let Congress know that if they get fooled by this bailout, then the only thing for voters to do is punish congress the way it was punished for the gulf war.

Bryant Arms