Monday, October 27, 2008

Shingletree Shuffle V.1

Yesterday was the first annual Shingletree Shuffle ride. The participants were Mandi and I, Joe Gower of Buckhannon, and Ashlon Smith(and yes ladies he is available). I was a bit disappointed by the number of participants but you couldn't pick a couple guys who would be more fun to ride with. We rode up Shingletree trail out to Clover run road, hung a left on the pavement, and then popped on over to Clover trail. From there we headed back over pheasant mountain and to the bottom of Shingtree trail forming a lolly pop ride of sorts. We stopped often to jabber, discussing a wide array of subjects from politics, to guns and how beautiful the weather was yesterday. To all the folks who missed yesterdays ride do not worry there will be more. We have some great trails here in the Elkins/Parsons area and I am going to make sure people know about them.

Peace, JOEY.

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younger with age said...

duuuuude... sorry i missed out on the ride.... couldn't make it out there this weekend. in 10 years i might be be wishing i could say i was one of the few at the first annual :) if it means anything i was still able to get beat down on a local va/md area ride sunday. oh oh looks like ashlon got his "fisher price" fixed :) Peace