Monday, October 20, 2008

North Fork Revisited...

It has been a long time since Mandi and I have ridden up on North Fork Mountain. I believe the last time was the final Gnarly North Fork MTB race which would probably have been around 1997 or 1998. What a beautiful, diverse trail. Rough jeep roads, carving fast singletrack, rock ledges, and a super fast super tech final descent. The finally was amazing, has to be one of the best downhills in all WV.

We met up with a hardy crew of 20 at the Princess Cupcake campground at Seneca Rocks. They all participated in a huge epic on Saturday that Mandi and I reluctantly had to skip out on. We shuttled to the the top of North Fork mountain in Chris Scotts superberban towing a trailer filled with 19 bikes. Have you ever been in a suberban with 19 other mountain bikers? If you haven't I highly recommend doing it before you die. The ride was killer epic. Riding with 20 other people all on very capable bikes with very capable abilites makes for some awesome action. I am not usually a big group ride kind of guy but when you get to ride with a group like Sundays group everything just clicks and thing start flowing. Mandi, John and I have decided to hit up North Fork Mt again this year as long as the weather holds up and we can figure out a loop to do.

Peace, JOEY