Monday, October 6, 2008

Tour de Lilly pics...

Mr.Roger Lilly. Thanks for all the fun and food.
Lunch Break.
Spicy pepper.
The crew.
The Petsko.
Mr. Macky.

The Tour de Lilly took it all the way up to 11 this year. It was a smashing good time. A couple broken bikes, lots of bitching and moaning and some really sweet trails. Pointy K-nob trail is now my most favorite trail in Davis. Can't wait to go ride it again. Thanks again Roger and all the BWB crew(JR,Matt, Rogers Wife etc...) for the suppling all the great food and organizing this killer event.

Peace, JOEY.

Ps: the t-shirt rock.

1 comment:

younger with age said...

nice "artistic flair" in the photo with the cotton grass. and man that girl can ride!