Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Its over sorta...

Mandi and I competed in the final WVMBA race of the season this past weekend. It was held at the beautiful Barboursville Park down near Huntington. The same park that I try to plant my self into the ground at last year. Mike BoYes, Andy the asshole, Dwayne Walters and the rest of the H-town crew had the course packed hard and rolling fast, to fast. Definitly not the best SS course. A long drawn out road start followed by a fast, flat river trail left the SSers at the back of the Expert pack. I was jocking with folks I normally do not see in race. It was kinda fun but also very frustrating. I chose to race with one gear so who am I to bitch. I was going pretty well for a while caught all the other SS crew except for Juan Martinez. I was closing the gap to bird boy when things went sour. Right at the end of the first long lap my stomach got all twisted and started cramping. My legs started locking up and I started loosing all forward momentum. Chris McGillicuty came around and disappeared. I slowed way down and went into survival mode, trying to maintain third. I held on almost to the end and then was sneak passed by Joey Boyle. He came out of no where. I threw in a surge with about 15 minutes to go but I couldn't reel the other Joey back in. I finished forth 10 seconds back of Mr Boyles. Mandi had a "great" day. She said and I quote "This is not a very good SS course. My feet hurt. I want gears next year. It was a lovely day in the park". Mandi finished the season up second overall in the "very competative"(sarcasim) womens expert class. Where are all the ladies? I didn't finish in the top five in any class this year. I did some catagory jumping and generally raced with very little enthusiasm this year. I will consider this year a recovery year.

One more to go, The Revenge of the Rattleysnake. We are planning on racing as long as it doesn't rain. I am most looking forward to some awesome fall riding all of which I missed out on last year.

Peace, JOey

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gravy said...

hey joey. I finally gave in and started a blog since i like reading everyone elses. check it out: http://gravydave.blogspot.com/
anyway im over in petersburg this month. there is all kinds of riding over here. i can't wait for fall riding either, it's always the best. later, davey