Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Lets see. What have we done lately. Last week was Mandi's b-day. To celebrate we headed up to the Purple Fiddle for some good eats and good music. We saw a hippy girl from NC that Mandi likes, Utah Green. Utah is great musician and an amazing songwriter. Before heading over to the Fiddle we went to Blackwater Falls state park and went for a little walk. Its been a little while since we have seen the falls. Their still there. Done a little bit of riding. Couple long SS suffer fests one of them which included Bickles Knob. Bickles is the highest point in Randolph County and it is one hell of a climb. It is 6ish miles long and damn steep. I like to climb, no I love to climb and I hate Bickles especially on a SS. The reward is Middle Point trail. It is a knarly, rooty, rocky, Pacific Northwestesque, technical treat. Picture Huckleberry Trail with more roots and lots of really slick moss. The trail is eventually a fall line trail that gets ultra steep right at the end and pops out into nice big high mountain field. The rest of ride was on Bakers Sods trail. A mellow meandering almost all downhill singletrack/doubletrack. It takes you through Bakers Sods, imagine that. It is a rather large clearing in the middle of the woods with hundreds of blackberry bushes, dozens of appletrees and in the spring, thousands of yummy ramps. Bakers sods drops out on the lower cheat road from there we headed home. If you ever find yourself in Bakers Sods remember just follow the ribbons, you will eventually pop out the other side.

Peace, JOEY

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crs said...

Happy Belated B-day Mandi!!