Monday, September 29, 2008

Revenge recap...

Andy the A$$hole.
Mandi right ahead of Mike BoYes.

Why thank you very much Matt!

Jason accepting his big money.

The Revenge went fairly well. Mandi won the womens open class with very impressive sub 5:30 time. She even had nice hard wreck shook it off and continued on. I had a good race. I won the SS class which was cool but I also took a wrong turn which cost me about 20 minutes. Should of had my head up looking for the turn off and not looking at all the apples and the dogs chasing me. I love riding in the Davis/Canaan area. Definitly the best riding in the world! Yes in the world. I said it, its official.


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younger with age said...

good job sir and madam! tho you do kinda have a hometown advantage :)