Friday, September 26, 2008

A 700 Billion Bailout With No Review or Oversight Whatsoever

Bob Chapman
The International Forecaster
September 25, 2008

The unbelievable breakdown in American lending standards, market instruments no more than a worthless pile of paper, note how market elitists are using the market crash to put pressure on Congress, the plan to bail out fraudsters, the vicious circle of printing more and more currency, more wiled speculation to come after a bailout,

We are dumping more dollars into the world economy, devaluing our currency, and therefore the value of all these foreign-owned US treasury bonds. Imagine what will happen when 700 billion dollars, in cash, is dumped into the fraudster system.

As it turns out, all the foreign nations holding dollar-denominated foreign exchange surplus reserves in the form of treasury paper realized that we were going to inflate them into oblivion, what with all the bailouts and such, and it appears, well, that they all ran for the door at once, if you catch my drift. We wore out all the printing presses trying to cash in their bonds for them, and all we had left was a huge pile of treasury paper, which we decided to throw out of my helicopter instead of cash. They’re in pretty big denominations, so the people should be quite impressed. In any case, we couldn’t print any more Federal Reserve notes on account of the printing press issue, and besides, the notes wouldn’t have been good for anything but heating fuel, "furnace fodder" if you will, so why go through all the expense to print more? We have to be fiscally responsible, you know. MM: Yeah, right. Gee, I know this may sound odd, but now that your helicopter’s engines have shut down, I could swear that I hear — could it be — the sound of marching jackboots, doing a goose-step, in the background?

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