Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hey there...

Sorry for the lack of "real" blogging lately. Our good digital camera finally pooped out and I do not like writing up a blog unless I can include pictures. I broke out the old stand by fuji last night for the ride and now I remember why we got a new camera. It is slow, eats batteries and the pics are super fuzzy. Anyway Mandi and I went and did our favorite close to home MTB ride last night. We call it the Pheasant Mountain loop. It includes a forest service road off of pheasant mt road which leads to some doubletrack and then eventually to South Haddix Trail and singletrack. We got a bit of late start for such a long ride but we couldn't resist it was just so beautiful yesterday. There are apples everywhere! We ended up pick up a couple dozen good eating apples just from the rail trail on the way home. I sm going to ACE today and buying an apple picker. Hopefully Monday evening if we have the time we will be able to go put it to use and get us enough apples to get us through the next year.

Peace, JOEY.

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