Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This weekend Mandi and I didn't do any riding. Saturday we both had to work and then go and volunteer at the Elkhinge Music Festival. We collected money at the gate in exchange for a portion of the proceeds to be donated to the Allegheny Highlands Trail Foundation. We got to raise money for a good cause and listen to some killer music. Sunday we made a trip to camp. Camp is a small camper up near the Sinks of Gandy on Dryfork Road. Mandi and I helped her dad and mom build a roof over the camper. It turned out pretty well only needing the tin to be applied to be completed. I am learning, the more help and the more I do the more I learn about carpentry work. Someday I hope to put all this knowledge to use on my own big project. Monday was apple picking day. We finally found an apple picker at southern states. We rode 8 miles out on the rail trail and the worked are way back. We hit five apple trees in three and a half hours. We started rolling home way after dark. Good thing we know the rail trail well. We harvested about 50lbs of apples! That should last us about 2 months:) None of the apples are perfect but they are just as God intended. No wax, no pesticides, no genetic modifications.

Peace, JOEY

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