Thursday, October 11, 2007

update #4...

i am getting along pretty well. righty is without the splint and is happy and free. he is a little weak though and my thumb dosen't want to work real well. i took the sling off of lefty and my c-bone is feeling pretty good. my shoulder is stiff and sometimes quite painful. lefty is feeling better now that i can move my arm around but is a long way from being healed. i have been getting out and running and walking a good bit and i have the blisters to prove it. i have rode my trainer a few times and it really sucked.

mandi and i really miss all our mtb friends. the end of race season is always a sad affair. i feel like every sunday is like a little family reunion. i have made my strongest friendship bonds with my bike racing pals. anytime anyone wants head up to elkins and hang out and ride you are more than welcome. mandi is a bit timid about riding in the woods by herself and would love to have someone to ride with why i heal up. if there are any group mtb rides going on let mandi know she would love to participate.

it definantly feels like fall today, cool wet and windy. i love it.

peace. joey.

view from atop olsens tower. picture courtsey of mandi because i am to big of a chicken shit to climb to the top.

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