Monday, October 22, 2007

the hike of 5 snakes...

yep 5 snakes. i told mandi before the hike that we would probally see a couple snakes. it was warm and they were all out sunning. mandi definantly had to face her fear of snakes yesterday and she did a wonderful job. we were hiking on the mc gowan mountain trail and the moore run trail in the otter creek wilderness. moore run has some very impressive bogs and beaver ponds. they are definantly worth taking a look at if you do not mind getting wet. mc gowan mt trail is spectacular. rocky, rooty, super dry, would be a wonderful trail to ride on if it was allowed. hiking is not to bad but i wish i was riding and racin cross.
peace. joey.
browny the brown brown snake.

mandi's friend rhody. she really needs a parrot.

busy beaver dam.
a beautiful bog on moore run trail.

timbukto mountain. pic from mandi's ride on saturday. lucky cows.

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