Friday, October 19, 2007

New shoes...

mandi and i finally got some new shoes. thanks to sierra trading post 1/2 off, woohoo. i have been running and walking in some several year old kids size new balances. kids size because i only were a 6.5 shoe. new shoes make a huge difference. my feet are much happier now. mandi and i went out to otter creek wednesday to break in our new sneakers. we may have over did it a bit. its so hard to turn back when there are so many trails to explore. we were almost the end of our hike/run when i inadvertently stepped on a little brown snake. it jumped, i jumped, mandi pooped. i thought i gravely injured the poor fella. he was bleeding from his nose and writhing in pain. mandi was highly upset and bawling. i thought i should try and pick the little guy up and see if i could get a closer look at his injuries. as soon as i touched his slender tail he took off slithering up the trail towards mandi. she freaked and took of running up the trail screaming and shooting snot bubbles out her nose. she has an irrational fear of snakes. i did not realize how irrational until that moment. browny slithered a couple feet off the trail and then took a defensive position. he was just fine. after several minutes i finally coaxed mandi into running by the snake. it was a fitting end to an adventurous day.

hey they found that guy that was lost in dolly sods, just in time. its raining and chilly today.

peace out. joey.

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joey, mandi, jonesy, and karl lee said...

listen here honey, i told you not to tell of my snot bubbles. you wait! next time you'll go all the way to the top of Olsen's Tower.