Wednesday, October 3, 2007

update #3...

went to see dr tice yesterday. i am still broken but not as bad. righty is feeling good. i only need to use my splint when i feel its nescesary. the c-bone is also feeling pretty happy. the sling is gone unless there is an occasion were i feel as if i may need it. lefty is sad. the cast came off yesterday and i got to speak to lefty and see how he is doing. he looked rough and he said he was in some pain. he is still swollen and my thumb won't move. the doctor confirmed all lefty had told me. another 13-17 weeks before lefty will be fully functional. then some rehab probally. i did get a cool new cast. more streamlined than the first and its my second favorite color, black. see yo all this weekend.

peace. joey.

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A'hole said...

Sorry I won't see you this weekend...Becca has a v-ball tournament that she is hosting and would like my moral support. Tell everyone "high". Glad to hear that you are healing.