Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama the new Hope???

Here are some simple thing Obama can do as president to improve things quickly and dramatically for this country.

Let's see how many of these things he does:

1. He can insist that all future elections have voting machines that generate a paper trail that can be audited. He can work to make sure that Americans aren't forced to wait three, four, even seven hours plus on line to cast votes.

2. He can end the illegal, immoral and financially ruinous occupation of Iraq.

3. He can order swift trials for all the prisoners still held in Guantanamo and freedom for those who are being held without charges. He can close Guantanamo.

4. He can outlaw the use of torture and begin the process of dismantling the Patriot Act and other assaults on the Constitution.

5. He can repudiate the policy of first strike and the idea of using nuclear weapons against Iran or any other country.

6. He can order an investigation into the recent multi-trillion dollar Treasury Department giveaway to investment banks and brokerage houses. He can also look into the operations of the Federal Reserve Bank and their role in creating the current financial catastrophe that's overcome the world.

7. He can aggressively roll back all Bush era anti-environment laws and the non-enforcement of existing environmental protection laws.

8. He can properly compensate the people of New Orleans for the failure of the federal levee system there and order an investigation into widespread fraud on the part of the US Army Corps of Engineers in that city and in Iraq.

9. He can break the oil industry's multi-decade collusion with automakers.

10. Repeal PATRIOT ACT one and two.

11. Repeal the James Warner defense authorization bill and restore posse comitatus.

12. Call for a new INVESTIGATION of 911 by a private investigation firm made up of experts with no ties to his or Bush's administration.

I could go on and on but you get the point. I am going to make a check list and after eight years of an Obama administration we will see how many checks there are. I almost guarantee you there will not be a one.

Peace, JOEY

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LJ Geoffrion said...

It will be interesting to see how far he makes it along your list.