Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Greenbank, WV

Pluto recently got demoted.
No caption needed.

What a neat geeky place. I really liked it.

They also have several really nice MTB trails and 3000 more acres to build more.

So why were we in Greenbank? Our very gracious and incredibly polite friend Mike Stennes invited us down for a MTB party Sunday evening. So we went down a few hours early and Mike took us on a cool little guided tour of the NROA premisses and then we headed to the trails. The cycling crew at the observatory have been cutting some nice trails, they have 3000 acres to work with and really nice flowing land. After the ride we headed back to Mikes place and partied down. Mandi and I met some very nice and smart locals and we all discused politics around the keg late into the night. We had a great time.

Peace, JOEY.


Fat-Boy said...

how coolwould it be tohave a race there! Miss you guys..

Anonymous said...


Next time... call me, that looks like fun...