Thursday, November 13, 2008

New bike...

I got new bike, well JOEY'S bike shop got a new bike and I am riding it. I was very reluctant in getting a new geared MTB because I love my Metal Guru so much. It is a KHS XC 604, a four bar linkage full suspension bike . Four inches of travel front and rear. Its been a while since I had a full suspension bike and I have never had a fully active full susser. I have ridden the 604 eight times now and I am completely infatuated. Why have I been riding a hardtail. The 604 climbs great, descends better and carves corners marvelously. Can't wait for the Ultra Series races next year!

Peace, JOEY

ps: Metal Guru ad


Rolo said...

Yeah, why have you been riding a hardtail?

crs said...

Are you heavy enough to even get that thing to work?

Hope you two are well!!!