Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Went for a ride or money sucks...

with Mandena,



Mike Miller,
and Captain Morgan.

It was a leisurely four hour affair on a beautiful blue bird day. Took the crew out on some of local Randolph county single/doubletrack. Butch and Dave were pretty fun. There definitely noobys but there getting there. There pretty good at synchronized endoing. Sorry Mike for all the hike a bikes, hope your ankle is ok.

Next up on the racing agenda, nothing. Probably will not race again this year. Maybe the Revenge, will see. Pretty bummed about missing the Shenandoah MT 100. I have a score to settle with that one after being forced to DNF last year. Racing costs lots of money and when you do not have lots of money other things like eating and paying house payments take precedent. Mandi is loosing her job come October and the "bike shop" is not going to pay the bills. So its time to start the job hunt again. It really sucks. Both of us have pretty much spent the last 8 years of our lives working in a bike shop and riding bikes. Neither of us have a speciality degree in anything or specialized training of any sort. We know how to ride all day, work on bikes and sell bikes. Its like starting all over again. I am sick of starting over. We have been starting over a lot lately. Its exciting in some ways but also very nerve racking. I just want a good night sleep and a paycheck. But I do not want to work at WalMarts. WalMarts(China central) is the biggest employer in Randolph county. WTF. I can not work somewhere that I refuse to shop. That also goes for fast food joints and Pharmacies. Sorry for all the ranting. Must keep a positive attitude and believe that everything will work out for the best.

Peace and Love, JOEY.

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