Monday, August 25, 2008

Dusty Davis...

Never thought I would be using the words "dusty" and "Davis" in the same sentence but there it is. I have never seen the Davis area trails so dry. I love Davis. Definiltly the best riding WV has to offer. There is a great array of trail options right from the front door of Blackwater Bikes. I have been riding in Davis now for 15 years and it never gets old. Mandi, John and I met up with a few other( Ashlon, oldnoob, outdoor nut, malibu and few other that I didn't catch there names or assumed internet names) oh yeah and Jason Cyr. We headed out on Canaan mountain and had a big old time. Eventually we all got seperated with Mandi, Johns and I heading out for a bit longer ride. Don't really feel much like typing anymore. Check out the blurry pics. I know I need a new camera its on its last legs even though its only a few months old.

Peace, JOEY.

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Anonymous said...

I'll vote for you as long as you keep your bike shop open if you win the election