Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Gotta love em. We picked a rather large mess yesterday at our friend Bruce's house. For those who aren't familiar with ramps they are a wild leek and are related to the onion. They are quite popular in the area and Elkins is even host to the International Ramp Festival. Bruce also sent us home with big sack of home grown lettuce, kale and spinach. Bruce and his wife Kathy are master gardeners with some of nicest gardens I have ever seen. Bruce has several hot boxes and grows climate appropriate veggies all year long. Mandi and I hope to someday be as adept at gardening as Bruce and Kathy. The salad pictured has homegrown lettuce, sprouts(grown on the window sill) and ramps. If I would have thought soon enough we could have even had a homegrown carrot, they are still in the ground from last fall and for the most part still edible.

Peace, JOEY.

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JJ said...

I have herd reports of ramps being closer to the lilly family. I haven't resrched it much, if the lillys have a reunon I will go to it and find out.