Saturday, April 19, 2008

27 of em...

Gears that is. Its the first time I have had a bike with that many gears in along time. Why the gears? Because if I am going to pay money to race I am not going to race a bike that handicaps me. There are certain race courses where I believe ss are not at much of a disadvantage but the majority of the early season WVMBA races are not ss friendly. I spent all week piecing together two somewhat race worthy geared mtb's for Mandi and I. The drivetrains are shot, the hubs make funny noises but they do roll and I hope they hold together for at least a couple races. My ss got a giant dent in the top tube this week and I didn't even ride it. Mandi inadvertently knocked the repair stand over on it Thursday. I think it is still safe to ride but it looks pretty bad. She was more upset about than I was. Its just a bike, a worldly possession, nothing to get upset about. Looks like there is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow, yea. Rainy races are fun and I definitely seem to race better in the mud.

Peace, JOEY.

ps: saw two kitties on Tuesdays ride. One was a scragley barn cat that wanted nothing to do with me. The other was a dirty trailer park kitty that was all rubby and lovey.