Friday, January 23, 2009

Ski time...

Mandi and I spent Wednesday skiing with are friends Bruce and Tim. Bruce and Tim have constructed and designed the most amazing timber frame homes I have ever seen. They both are not just craftsmen but also artists. All the homes are on the property that belongs to the Cheat Mountain Club.

They took Mandi and I on a skiing tour of the homes which we followed up with an amazing four hour back country ski in the National Forest. The snow was amazing! It was between 14" to 24" in most places. The temps were hovering right around 10 degrees all day but all the sun and the strenuous activity made it seem almost tropical at times.

It was the longest ski Mandi and I have done this year. We were both completely whooped afterwards. My thighs were so sore yesterday I didn't even want to touch them.

Its up in the 50's here today in Elkins but according to the weather prognosticators we should be getting several more inches of snow next week. I hope it comes. XC skiing beats riding a bike in the melting slop any day.

Peace, JOEY.


Anonymous said...

If all go's well and we get more snow I'm hopeing to have a few friends up next weekend and you guys are more then welcome to come up and go for another ski


Anonymous said...

wow those homes were amazing I hope some day I can build like that! sking looked epic!