Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Recap Part 1...

Christmas eve found Mandi and I at Mandi's parents house. We go there the day before the big day and exchange gifts. After all the gift opening is complete we head over to Mandi's grandma's house. There we eat lots of yummy food and visit with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

Mandi's dad tearing into his edible Christmas gifts.

Mandi's Mom showing off all her gifts from Mandi and I.

Anne the mighty hunting dog "talking".

Christmas day Mandi and I headed over to my parents house . There we ate a delicious lunch with my ma and pa, my sister, brother in-law and niece. After lunch it is time to tear into all the presents. The best part the last couple years has been watching my niece tear into her presents and sometime everyone else's. Her excitement and enthusiasm for Christmas is contagious and adds a new spice to the holidays.

After all the festivities at my parents house we headed over to my G-ma's house. Once there we visited with my grandma and impatiently waited for the rest of the clan to catch up so we could rip into some more presents. After decimating some more waste full wrapping paper it was time to eat again. More turkey, more mashed taters, stuffing, homegrown green beans and lots more deserts.

Overall a wonder full Christmas. As I get older Christmas becomes less and less about the gifts and more and more about family.

Peace and Love, JOEY

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