Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joey's predictions for '09...

1) Belts will start to get tighter. Ends will stop meeting and people will start to get pissed.

2) Comunities and families will start to grow closer as people become more dependent upon each other.

3) More folks will tear up there wasteful lawns and plant gardens. Because they have woke up to the fact that most of the food in the grocery stores is poisoned or they are going hungry.

4) More people will start to relocalize. Buying much of what is needed for living locally and depending less upon mass market retailers.

5) The "haves" will have more and the "have nots" will have less.

6) More people will wake up to the fact the Main Stream Media is full of nothing but liers. Talking heads paid millions to spew there propaganda and wretched filth.

7) Obama will be nothing but a Bush of a different color. Some folks will realize it, other will still continue to be completely brainwashed by the "One", and wait with baited breath for his next speech filled with empty retoric and false promises.

8) More people will start riding bikes for recreational purposes. They will realize that they only get one life to live and that riding a bike is the best way to recapture the exuberance of what it once felt like to be a child.

Peace, JOEY

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younger with age said...

#8 is beautiful!!!! Thats one of my secrets to getting younger with age! :)