Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where have we been...

The Crazy "Kids" playing on there "tree". Willy is now a two eyed kitty.

Sorry for the lack of real blogging lately we have been a little busy. We have been doing lots of gardening, building big wooden garden boxes which will be filled with dirt than filled with plants(food). We are going to have several tons of good nutrient rich dirt dumped in the backyard next week, I think it was like 13 tons. I am sick of mowing grass, if we are going to have a big yard I am going to use it for something useful. I bet you are asking yourself "I thought they were moving". Not any more. Nobody wants to by are dump and Mandi and I both want to stay in Elkins. So what am I going to do for work? I am going to open up a bike shop in my garage. Actually its already underway and taking shape nicely. At first it will just be a repair and accessories shop but I hope to later in the summer pick up a bike line and do some rentals. Joey's Bike Shop! Hows that sound. Pretty simple, I am JOEY and its my bike shop. There is defiantly a need for a shop here in Elkins at least a few months out of the year. Not sure what I will do in the winter but I am confident it will all work out.

In other news Tour-d-Lake went well. I finished third which was good enough for me. It wasn't the result that really made me feel good but the way raced. I rode strong from start to finish and the left side of my body didn't go numb like it had at Big Bear, that's a super good thing. Mandi finished second and also felt like she rode strong. Heading to the White Oak Challenge tomorrow. One of my favorite courses. Never finished worse than third there and that was the year my pedal fell off! Finally some nice racing weather, supposed to be 77 Sunday. Hot!!!

peace, JOEY.

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Anonymous said...

good to hear there is going to be a good bike shop in Elkins. Im tiered of northern va, and heading back to elkins soon myself. So its deffintly good to here that you guys are staying around. Im sure ill see you around sometime soon.