Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rider down...

JJ Ford Circa 2001

Local junior expert single speed bike racing freak JJ Ford had a nasty crash Thursday evening. He went down on the road at 40+mph after inadvertently colliding with John Weber. John stayed upright JJ didn't. He hit the pavement hard rolled few times and slid to a stop. He suffered loads of road rash and he broke his wrist. To be exact he fractured his scaphoid bone a very slow healing bone that is located on top of the hand were it joins the wrist. It is the same bone I broke back in September on my left wrist.

Needless to say JJ is pretty bummed. He is a Senior in high school and this is his graduation weekend. He could defiantly use some well wishes. He can be reached at:
Send him some words of encouragement and let him know his world his just beginning and he has plenty of years ahead of him.

peace, JOEY and Mandi

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