Friday, May 30, 2008

american organic

Friday at the Riddle Homestead

Went to work(mandi)

Joey stayed home and built another garden box,

came home just in time for our 10 TONS of dirt being delivered

shoveled, shoveled and shoveled

hoe, hoe , hoed

and planted big tall tomato plants that Bruce and Kathy gave us. 2 brandywines, 2 borghese,

1 pineapple, and 1 lady bug. That should make for alot of perserving this fall. Joey picked up these tomato plants yesterday and got some strange looks riding through town.

We purchaced 10 tons of topsoil today from someone here in Elkins. We are going to build a few more garden boxes, our goal is to produce as much food from our yard that it will allow.

Grow your own!

oh yeah and I couldn't forget my buddies Karl and Lenny. Karl spent part of the afternoon bathing and lovin on Lenny.



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