Thursday, January 10, 2008


yep, fixed. riding a fixed mtb is alot of fun(painful). the rear wheel defiantly gives you a bit of a push up the hills but it makes the downhills as tough as the uphills. every ride is double the workout. the juries still out on this one. i had a fixed mtb a few years ago and loved it but i also wasn't recovering from a plethora of injuries and had a lot more upper body strength. hows about this weather!! rode in shorts two days this week. mother nature is such a tease.

peace, JOEY

ps: anyone out there want to by a car and a house.mandi and i have both for sale :(


Anonymous said...

Give'r a little more time. That machine IS my dream machine.

CresceNet said...

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fatbob29r said...

I hope the home and vehicle sale are by choice and not by need. I've enjoyed your blog so far and dig the lessons all around.

I LOVE YOU said...