Friday, February 5, 2010

Recent Pics...

The riding conditions lately have been down right miserable. But nothing has been keeping Mandi and I off our new Fuji bikes. The snow has been heavy and wet which makes for slow going and an awesome workout. This weekend looks as if it will be a wash for the riding so it may be back to the skis for a few days. Anything to stay of the trainer.


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Casseday said...


Pic #2 was taken by me too...just not with a camera. One day I was up there and the whole herd of longhorns was out on that point with the snow-covered mountains rising into the background, presenting a picture worthy of any magazine cover. Too bad I didn't have a "real" camera. It will just have to stay in the old memory bank.
Nice pics. Keep toughing it out. Just a few more weeks of this stuff and I predict a few days in the 50's.
-- Adam