Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quarantine or $1000 a day fine for refusing the vaccine

Some states like Massachusetts have raced to put legislation on their books to jail and fine anyone who does not obey orders regarding an epidemic, a flu epidemic, and a potential flu epidemic at that.

Let's see...

* Terrorism exists (incredibly rare as it is) - so the logical solution is to treat all Americans like potential criminals and shred the Bill of Rights

* Carbon exists (it's essential to life and part of human respiration) - so the logical thing is to tax it and treat it like a planet threatening toxin.

* Flu comes and goes - so the logical thing is to require everyone to submit to injections (the more the merrier) with imprisonment being the penalty for declining.

More money for the crooks in government and their private sector friends, less freedom for citizens. And the US news media band plays on...

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