Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden and Foraging update...

Green beans post harvest pre-canning.

Post canning pre-digestion! We have canned about 30 quarts to date.

Squash! One of dozens. Every meal has some form of squash included.

Onions. This pile is only a small representation of what we actually harvested.

Black beauties! 2009 will go down as a stellar berry year. Black raspberries mid summer, black berries and elderberries now. Hopefully we have picked enough to satiate are berry desire through winter.

Apples are all but non existent this year. Late freeze, to much rain, not enough bees, are all reasons that I have heard for the lack of apples. Pears on the other hand are doing pretty well. I have been keeping my eyes on a couple trees in town and when the time is right I shall strike. Handy fruit picker in hand I will descend upon said pear trees under cover of darkness and stealthily pilfer those verdant beauties of there succulent goodies. Or I will just ring some door bells and ask permission.

Peace, Joey.

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